Urban Growers CEDC Mission
The primary mission is to develop and improve low-income communities and neighborhoods through economic and related development activities that will increase the opportunities for residents to become owners, managers, and producers of small businesses, affordable housing and jobs designed to produce positive cash flow and curb blight in the Greater North West Communities of West Palm Beach.

Urban Growers / Henrietta Bridge Farm Project will focus on eliminating at least 1 of Palm Beach County’s 27 food deserts by teaching low-cost farming techniques and bringing fresh, healthy food to areas comprised of low income and racial minority groups. Our Mission is to Build a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to produce a sustainable food system.

Contact Information

PHONE: (561) 248-8068
EMAIL: bosley@urbangrowerscedc.org

401 N. Rosemary Avenue
West Palm Beach FL 33401-4133

1400 Henrietta Avenue
West Palm Beach FL 33401-2531

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